9/17/2016 - Cross Country at TLU

9/17/2016 - Cross Country at TLU
Posted on 09/17/2016
On Saturday September 17th the Mighty Panthers hit the ground running at the Texas Lutheran University Bulldog Invitational.  The 7th and 8th Grade Girls showed great poise and took 2nd place.

The 7th and 8th Grade Boys dominated the field to claim The Meet Championship.  

7th Grade Girls 2nd Place Team Over All OUT OF 236 RUNNERS

Ileana Morales 7th 
Kayleigh Corliss 11th 
Isah’Bella Flores 43rd  
Alianna Salazar 47th 
Chloe Strangmeier  96th 
Emily Hecker 115th 
Justice Lowery 132nd 
Starla Perez   133rd 
Serena Torres 136th 
Paige Sanchez 138th 
Ana Tovar 140th 
Hailey Whitton 144th 
Brennah Birkholz 146th 
Shelby Boubel 150th 
Jaden Reyes 171st 
Cheyenne Pulliam 173rd 
Ileana Matthews 169th 
Ander Duncan 178th 
Kinsey Winters 188th 
Meghan Matsumura 193rd 

8th Grade Girls 2nd Place Team Over All OUT OF 236 RUNNERS

Danielle Elizondo 22nd 
Jasmine Salazar 24th 
Sara Beth Beasley 66th   
Isabelle Duncan 87th 
Alyssa Thoele 107th 
Abigail Miller 167th 
Grace Simonson 181st 
Jessalyn Arriaga 198th 
Anne White 207th 
Alexianna Arredondo 210th 

7th Grade Boys 1st Place Team Over All OUT OF  227 RUNNERS

Matthew Fleming 66th 
Eric Lopez 85th 
William Machen 91st
Luke Barrientes 108th 
Gavin Villareal 135th 
Robert Ardilla 154th 
Angelo Gonzalez 168th 
Jeremy Flint 185th 
Lazarus Maldonado 186th 
Athen Graff 195th 
Jonathon Koenigstein 204th 
Alejandro Ortiz 208th 

8th Grade Boys 1st Place Team Over All OUT OF 227 RUNNERS

Seth Hernandez 3rd 
Mason Vogel 7th 
Cristian Flores  10th 
Orlando Santos 13th    
Cristian Romo 33rd 
Carlos Dominguez 50th 
Blake Mulvany 54th 
Jacob Marin 55th 
Justin Alvarado 59th 
Zachary Hernandez 88th 
Logan Gill 177th 

The Panthers will run at Comfort on October 1st. Run Panthers Run!!!