2016 Medina Valley Middle School’s Spanish Spelling Bee

2016 Medina Valley Middle School’s Spanish Spelling Bee
Posted on 12/02/2016
On Wednesday, November 30th, sixteen finalists faced off in Medina Valley Middle School’s Spanish Spelling Bee.  After eight rounds, Lazarus Maldonado secured his spot for third place.  Kyleigh Wright landed second place, and Macy Livingston came out on top in first place, beating over 180 students.  Macy will now represent MVMS in the Region 20 Spanish Spelling Bee and will compete against students from other districts in the San Antonio area.

Congratulations to our finalists and winner! We’re very proud of you! Special thanks to Mrs. Bermea, our judges, and the teachers and staff who helped make this event a success. 

MVMS Spanish Spelling Bee Finalists 2016-17 (in random order):

01 Helena Allen, 7th grade
02 Melissa Walsh, 7th grade
03 Lazarus Maldonado, 7th grade (3rd place winner)
04 Kyleigh Wright, 7th grade (2nd place winner)
05 Nicholas Rushing, 8th grade
06 Shelby Schrecker, 8th grade
07 Jazmin Pulido, 8th grade
08 Macy Livingston, 8th grade (1st place winner)
09 Logan Gill, 8th grade
10 Tristan Medina, 8th grade
11 Kailey Joy, 8th grade
12 Kylie Rose-Liserio, 8th grade
13 Raxelle Camarillo, 7th grade
14 Jett Winkler, 7th grade
15 Oscar Noe Duarte Gonzalez, 6th grade
16 Valeria Flores Solis, 6th grade

Photo Gallery:  Spelling Bee Photo Link